Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

When Danny and Kassa visited Copenhagen in September, they wanted to try some great fishing in beautiful nature. Our guide Dante arranged a trip for them to Isefjorden that they wont forget anytime soon. Dante picked them up at their hotel early in the morning, and then they went to his first favorite spot in …

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Marcus had an epic trip in the harbour this week where he banked a spectacular triple consisting of a seatrout, rainbow trout and two cod. Spinstops and a lot of movement were the lethal weapons that paved the way for the catches. Read his full catch report here.

This morning I fished one of my favorite reefs for seatrout on West Zealand. An enjoyable reunion after I haven´t fished the spot for ages. Pretty rough wind and a warning of an incoming thunderstorm meant that I only had 3 hours of fishing before the weather would become too hostile. 

Møn is among the best and most beautiful places in Denmark to catch seatrout from the coast and anglers from all over Denmark and Europe visit the peninsula in the pursuit of heavy seatrouts and to enjoy the breathtaking white cliffs and compelling coastline. Every year hundreds of seatrouts ranging from 3 to 5 kg …

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7 km walked, 3 fishing spots visited, 2 seatrouts caught, 1 sock drowned. Yesterday had it all. I drove to Møn early in the morning when the city was still sleeping. My plan was to fish my way through two or three spots until I found fish. I started of at a spot on the southern …

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