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Fishing Copenhagen connects anglers from all over the world with skilled local guides and boats, so they can experience some great fishing while in Copenhagen. We specialize in private trips with groups up to five people.


If you have questions about our trips, or have a suggestion for a collaboration, then we would be happy to hear from you through this mail:

Tight lines!

Anders Mikkelsen / Fishing Copenhagen

6 thoughts on “About & contact

  1. Joachim Kremerskothen says:

    Hi Anders,
    Greetings from Joachim from Germany!
    Next week, I have to work for some days in Copenhagen. As I am an enthusiastic angler, I will try to find some time to go our for fishing. From your swaggtrout homepage, I already got some informations about the necessary licence and good spots within the harbor. As I am especially interested to catch perch, I wonder whether you may have some additional hints where and how to catch them.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Best wishes,


    1. Anders Mikkelsen says:

      Hi Joachim

      Thanks for getting in touch. To be honest with you, there are limited options of catching perch in the city at the moment. Very rarely you can be lucky to get one in the harbor but the water is not brackish enough so this doesnt happen often. The cod fishing with jigs on the bottom is starting to improve now as the water is getting warmer so you could try that instead.

      If you only want to go for perch you could try the inner lakes in the city center. Lots of small perch can be caught here. Be aware though that it is not legal to fish here now so there is some fisk to it. Also remember that it is not legal to fish after pike in april in Denmark so you should try to stay cleer of them.

      If I were you I´d go for cod instead. Maybe go to the Facebook group: “Fiskeri i Københavns Havn” and make a post where you ask if anyone wants to go fishing with you and show you a spot or two. I am sure someone would like to show you around. 🙂

      Have fun.
      Best regards

  2. Antonio Mironi says:

    Hello Anders,

    my name is Antonio and I just moved to Germany (Berlin) less then a month ago. As I am still trying to settle everything down, I miss fishing so much and I am planning to go to Denmark in one of the first 2 weeks of November for some new fishing experience.

    I checked out on your website your list of the “10 WAYS TO GO FISHING IN DENMARK” but I know absolutely nothing about the seasonality of all these types of fish. I am totally a Salmon fishing lover, but I also never caught a pike and other fish shown in your list which I would love to cast on.

    If I come lets say the first week of November, what would be the better type of fishing specific for Fall season? Are Salmons still possible to catch?
    Which location might be the best one?

    Looking forward for your advice.


    1. Anders Mikkelsen says:

      Hi Antonio
      Sounds great! Lots of great fishing here in November!
      As for salmon, November is unfortunately a little bit late. Not that they wont bite. But most of our salmon rivers (all situated in Jylland) closes down the season in October. You can be extremely lucky catching salmon from the coast, but it happens very rarely.

      As for other fishing, there are so many cool options in November. Just over the Femern belt you find the peninsula Møn. On Møn you can both fish for coastal seatrout (unless the wind gets very heavy) and aggressive brackish pike. Møn surely is well worth a weekend of fishing. If you hook up with a mate or two, I would do seatrout fishing from coast some of the days, and book a guided boat pike fishing trip one of the days. That would be a fantastic fishing week, and Møn is so beautiful. If you need help booking a guide, let me know and I will arrange it.

      In general I would say the coastal fishing in waders for seatrout is fantastic here, and if you enjoy salmon fishing then a seatrout will probably also be to your liking 🙂

      Alternatively. If you come to Copenhagen then the cod fishing directly in the harbour or from boat is really good in November. You can book a guided trip with us, or go explore the harbour by yourself!

      Good luck and if you have further questions, drop me a mail at

  3. Joan says:

    Nice afternoon fishing cods in the harbour with Anders! He really knows where and how to catch them. Moreover, the beers helped to overcome the danish weathee. Really good experience!

    1. Anders Mikkelsen says:

      It was a pleasure fishing with you Joan, and congrats on the nice fish.
      Hope you and your girlfriend have a great stay in Copenhagen 🙂
      Best regards / Anders

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