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Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Guided fishing trips for cod in Copenhagen Harbour 

Join our guides on a 4 hour fishing trip for cod in Copenhagen Harbour, and experience the city with a fishing rod. Contact us now through to make your booking.

How do you book?
Send an email to in which you let us know what date you would like to go, and how many persons you are. Then we will get back to you shortly.

What happens on a trip?
When we meet with our guides Max and Axel, you will get a short intro to the harbour fishing in Copenhagen and the cod we are fishing for. Then we will start the fishing. Usually we walk to 3-4 spots on each trip, but if we hit bonanza fishing on one of the first spots, we might stay there longer. You can expect a trip with a bit of walking, a lot of fishing and hopefully a good fish or two at the end of your line.

What species will you be fishing for?
In the harbour you will primarily fish for cod up to 2,5 kg. Please pay in mind that the fishing is only catch and release.
There are no guarantees of fish but the chances are big in high season. However we guarantee that you will have a great time, and get to learn Copenhagen from another perspective.

Prices for guiding and gear
1 person = 1400 DKK
2 persons = 1800 DKK
3 persons = 2100 DKK

Where will you be fishing?
We will go fishing in Copenhagen Harbour on a spot we choose, depending on where the fishing is best in the season. We cant guarantee that we are available just the time you want but let us know what days and times are possible for you, and then we will try to make it work, so we can go fishing.

When can you book a trip?
The high season runs from runs from:

1. March – 31. May
9. September – 6. December.

Outside of these periods we also do combined walking and fishing trips in the harbour by request.

What do you need to bring for a guided fishing trip wih us?
If you have fishing gear, then you are welcome to bring it, but else we will bring it for you.
To have the most fun with this type of fishing, your gear should be light to medium. A 7-8 ft. rod with a max. casting weight of 35 gram, a 2000-2500 reel, and 0.14-0.16 gram is a good choice.

We look forward to go fishing with you. Tight lines!

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