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Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Guided fishing trips for cod in Copenhagen Harbour 

Join our guides when we go streetfishing for cod in Copenhagen Harbour. Experience the city from the harbourside with a fishing rod and maybe bring a fish or two home for dinner.

Where will you be fishing?
We will go fishing in Copenhagen Harbour on a spot we choose, depending on where the fishing is best on the given day. The chosen spot will always be maximum 4 kilometers from the center of the city.

When can you book a trip?
The high season runs from runs from:

1. March – 31. May
9. September – 6. December.

Outside of these periods we also do combined walking and fishing trips in the harbour by request.

Choose among our available trips here:

Book guided streetfishing trip


Usually we go fishing from 9.00 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 18.00, but if this does not fit your plans, let us know, and let´s arrange another meeting time.
We are flexible regarding both days and meeting times, so if there is no availability in our booking system, that fits you, just get in touch to let us know what days and times are possible for you.

What species will you be fishing for?
In the harbour you will primarily fish for cod up to 3 kg.

There are no guarantees of fish but the chances are big. However we guarantee that you will have a great time, enjoy a cup of coffee and a beer, and learn all you need to know to get success with the harbour fishing for yourself.

What do you need to bring for a guided fishing trip wih us?
If you have fishing gear, then you are welcome to bring it, but you can also rent gear which is perfect fitted for streetfishing for 45 DKK pr. person.
To have the most fun with this type of fishing, your gear should be light to medium. A 7-8 ft. rod with a max. casting weight of 35 gram, a 2000-2500 reel, and 0.14-0.16 gram is a good choice.

We look forward to go fishing with you. Tight lines!

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