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Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Axel Bjørn Pedersen var 12 år, da han fangede sin første fisk i en Nordjysk å. En havørred på 43 cm, som blev startskuddet til en besættelse, som i dag har varet syv år, og fortsat kører på uformindsket styrke. Siden er besættelsen også blevet dyrket i Københavns Havn, hvor Axel har et utal af pæne torsk på samvittigheden.

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There were happy days on the quay in the Port of Copenhagen, when 300 anglers competed for the title as Master of the Harbor 2020 on Saturday. Many beautiful cod were registered for the competition, and there were especially two times a day that the fish were caught.

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We were looking forward to showing you smiling guests with beautiful fish on our website this spring.

But then the ridiculous virus came and all our trips were canceled.

Not that we’re complaining. Not at all. There are people all around who have sick family members and lose their jobs, so we´ll probably live with a missed trip or ten.

However, fish are caught in large numbers in Copenhagen anyway, and I have never seen as many fishermen on the pier as this spring.

It also makes good sense. Fresh air and great experiences close to home are needed right now, so if nothing else, I think this crisis means that more new anglers will be born in Denmark. Thats not so bad after all.

On the picture it is Dante with a beautiful golden harbor cod.

I arrived at the reef Yesterday after a long walk. Powerful winds had stirred the sea to a dark brownish color. Usually not the best of conditions. But big seatrouts occasionally hunt close to shore here and 50 meters out more visible shades were visible through the surface.

The day before I had noticed a shoal of sandeels on another spot close by, so I chose a 19g dark red sandeel imitation and rigged it with a release connector and a small treble hook.

This Winter I have visited this spot six times catching only one small seatrout, so my reactions might have been a bit slow. But I woke up as the sandeel broke the waves 70 meters out and a seatrout brutally inhaled it. The rod bended, the brake started running and a massive silver side went out of its natural element.

Two times more the aggressive fish catapulted out of the water and put my gear to the test. Anxiety increased when it came near a giant stone formation, but I steered it away and a few waves later it was in the net.

Legs were shaking as I walked on land and it lasted some time before my heart rate was down to normal. Still high today.

Spring is arriving soon, and in the middle of March we once again start doing a bunch of guided streetfishing trips in the harbour. But we already had a couple of cool guests that were not afraid of a little cold weather and asked for a Winter trip.

Victorious Vittorio with his first cod

One of them is Vittorio, who booked Dante to show him some good spots for the Spring, and learn him the basic techniques. It was a cold day, and the cod were not biting when the two guys went out. But Vittorio got the hang of it, and one week later he went at it again.

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