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Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Jannick from Allround Fishing Denmark has hit jackpot the last three days catching no less than 10 seatrouts in Copenhagen.

When it comes to fishing in Copenhagen Harbour few – if any – other anglers are more hard working and skilled than Jannick Lønbøg Rottensten from Allround Fishing Denmark.

Earlier, the young angler has published a lot of great videos where he catches harbour cod. But these days it is seatrout that has his attention. And it seems he has found a successful recipe. The last three days he has landed a lot of seatrouts in a spot in Copenhagen Harbour.

A jumping seatrout that Jannick caught in Copenhagen in the beginning of February
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This week I guided Dana, Aigars and their friend on a fishing trip in Copenhagen. Or to be honest, it turned out to be them that guided me.

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Winter is here and once again anglers from Copenhagen discuss if the cod are staying in the harbour or moves out to deeper water. Ewout Mannes is not much into discussions without data, so he bought a “Deeper” which is a castable sonar, that can show you how many fish are beneath it and what depth they are in. It can also give you an indication of their size. I really look forward to follow his findings in the future. Read his first test results from a bassin in Nordhavn here. 

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