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Fishing tales from Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark

Winter is here and once again anglers from Copenhagen discuss if the cod are staying in the harbour or moves out to deeper water. Ewout Mannes is not much into discussions without data, so he bought a “Deeper” which is a castable sonar, that can show you how many fish are beneath it and what depth they are in. It can also give you an indication of their size. I really look forward to follow his findings in the future. Read his first test results from a bassin in Nordhavn here. 

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Adam Rogowski had a great fishing debut in Copenhagen Harbour Yesterday. A huge effort was rewarded with a 2.6 kilo cod that took his brown/copper coloured zonker with a copper bead head. 

Adam Rogowski Copenhagen

Adam, who runs the fishing blog had booked a fishing trip with us Friday morning, and he met at 9.00 with Frederik who showed him around on some of the spots close to Langelinie. They fished on for four hours and even though they had a good time, then the cod seemed like they did not want to come out and play. 

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At the Havnehyggecup 2018 Jonas Bosse Johansen got a lot of attention thanks to his cool fishing bicycle with mounted rod holders. Three persons have contacted me afterwards to learn more about the bike, so I asked Jonas to share how he turned his bicycle into a lean mean streetfishing machine. In his guest blog you can learn what gear you need and how you mount it and turn your bicycle into a cool fishing rod transporter.

Fishing rod holder

(This is a guest blog by Jonas Bosse Johansen who is the fishermen to the left on this photo)

I’ve experimented with a number of different versions of rod holders for my bike until I found a simple solution that worked for me. This setup has made it really easy for me to transport my rods on the bike and be extremely mobile when switching between fishing spots.

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The cod fishing is slowing down as the water temperature has dropped to 5 celsius. But the fishing for flounder and dab is really good right now and Yesterday I caught some big flounders in Nordhavn on my new winter fishing setup.  

Winter is coming and today – the 26th of November – the water temperature has dropped down to 5 degrees celsius both in Sandkaj in Nordhavn and Islands Brygge in the inner harbour. Traditionally this means that the cod fishing is starting to slow down in the harbour.

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This Sunday I arranged the fishing competition Havnehyggecup 2018 in Nordhavn for the first, but not last, time. The 78 participants hoped to catch the biggest cod, so they would become King Of The Harbour and win exclusive gear prizes. 

My idea was to create a free, low key event where we could all meet up for a day of fishing, coffee and fun. 

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Marcus had an epic trip in the harbour this week where he banked a spectacular triple consisting of a seatrout, rainbow trout and two cod. Spinstops and a lot of movement were the lethal weapons that paved the way for the catches. Read his full catch report here.

Seatrout Copenhagen

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