Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

A perfect tench from Kastellet with an estimated weight of 2.5 kg

Thomas caught an impressive triple in Copenhagen this June. This os how he did it.

There is one truth about fishing that is rarely mentioned in fishing magazines but that all anglers know to be truth: “Sometimes when you go fishing then you catch nothing”. If you are an experienced fisherman and you don´t think this is right then you´re either the biggest liar or the best fisherman in the …

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In spite of what some people think perch is an excellent eating fish. The meat is white and tasty and if you add some chili and stuff you have an epic meal. Still the perch has a mixed reputation when it comes to kitchen value. I think this may derive from the fresh water perch …

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The Danish coasts are both beautiful and deadly for seatrouts, people in waders and all kinds of other ferocious animals. My last visit to Møn proved just that point. Death was all over. So much in fact that I almost decided to get a carpe diem tattoo afterwards! Ok. Maybe not. Here are some pics …

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