Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Axel Bjørn Pedersen var 12 år, da han fangede sin første fisk i en Nordjysk å. En havørred på 43 cm, som blev startskuddet til en besættelse, som i dag har varet syv år, og fortsat kører på uformindsket styrke. Siden er besættelsen også blevet dyrket i Københavns Havn, hvor Axel har et utal af …

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Yesterday Dante and I went fishing with Brett, Dan and Mike from New York. The sun was shining, the cod were biting, the girls were impressed and the beer tasted great. Here is a short recap.

This Sunday I arranged the fishing competition Havnehyggecup 2018 in Nordhavn for the first, but not last, time. The 78 participants hoped to catch the biggest cod, so they would become King Of The Harbour and win exclusive gear prizes.  My idea was to create a free, low key event where we could all meet …

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Yesterday Jens and Pernille from Copenhagen had their first ever fishing trip and caught their first ever fish in the last cast. It was completely dark when the cod slammed hit the jig and Pernille got a fighting experience she will never forget. 

The water temperature has dropped below 14 celsius and the cod season has gone of to a great start with many decent fish caught around the city. We have also gotten our fair share of the action and landed some beautiful fish in Nordhavn. The cod season has started well this year for both Frederik …

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