Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Dronning Louises Bro er et velkendt mødested, hvor københavnerne hænger ud og fester i weekenderne. Og for fem år siden kunne du nemt have mødt Johnni Frederiksen med sin farverige graffitimalede ladcykel på broen om aftenen. Men i dag har stedet fået en ny betydning for Johnni.

There were happy days on the quay in the Port of Copenhagen, when 300 anglers competed for the title as Master of the Harbor 2020 on Saturday. Many beautiful cod were registered for the competition, and there were especially two times a day that the fish were caught.

We were looking forward to showing you smiling guests with beautiful fish on our website this spring. But then the ridiculous virus came and all our trips were canceled. Not that we’re complaining. Not at all. There are people all around who have sick family members and lose their jobs, so we´ll probably live with …

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