Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

It´s been a while since I last roamed the coast but this week I returned for some days of fishing on Møn and Falster. I got some decent seatrouts and lost a couple of good fish as well and I filmed the whole thing on my GoPro. 

7 km walked, 3 fishing spots visited, 2 seatrouts caught, 1 sock drowned. Yesterday had it all. I drove to Møn early in the morning when the city was still sleeping. My plan was to fish my way through two or three spots until I found fish. I started of at a spot on the southern …

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This week my father gave me a real treat – an old school Danish fishing book from 1953 entitled What all anglers should know (Hvad enhver lystfisker bør vide) by Ludvig Svendsen. To turn the pages in this book feels like travelling in time. It was written in a period where Danish seas were full of tuna …

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