Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

My boat fishing on Øresund the last month, has been the best cod fishing I´ve experienced. The sizes of the fish haven´t been spectacular, but so has the quantity of fish. I am totally new to small boat fishing, but here are my experiences so far, together with some video of, when I hit a shoal of hungry cod hard.

It is an hour before sunset. Attention is at it highest, as we drift over our favorite spot for the third time. My blue 60 gram pilk on a rig with two red squids, are dancing in the darkness 12 meter under the boat. I feel a small tap, and in the next second a hard hit. A 2 kg cod has went for the squid, and I start to haul in. Now it is my friend´s turn. He raises his bending rod. A cod has taken his pink pilk. Øresund delivers again.

Double hookups are not happening every day, but over the last month, I´ve tried it a good handful of times. Now, I am far from an experienced boat angler. In fact, I´ve only started doing this kind of fishing August last year. So if I can do it, then anyone can.

Boat and favorite spots

The boat I have been fishing from is my Fishing Crew “Fiskeduserne´s” 14 ft. Quiksilver boat with a 25` Mercury engine. I´ve had seven trips and all of them has been going out from Fiskerihavnen, and I´ve fished within a three kilometer distance from there.

I have found all my favorite spots by simply sailing out, shutting down the engine, and just drifting my way, until I ´ve had a bite. Often the fish will be standing alone, but sometimes I have run into a giant shoal, and had great fishing for hours after that. When I´ve hit more than one bite in a few minutes, I have mapped the spot, and drifted over it again, to pick more fish from the shoal. This have worked well.

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Emdrup sø is not the easiest lake to fish as it is quite shallow with lots of water plants in the top of the water column. Recently I gave it a go anyway on an afterwork trip. In the second cast a small aggressive perch went for my Savage Gear 3D roach. In the fourth cast a bigger fish went for it, and my rod was put to the test. Just have a look here…

The recordings when it was quickly on land, were not particularly good, so this is all you get. The pike was not bigger than 3 kg but it really put up a great fight on the semilight gear.

It is always a great pleasure to go pike fishing for the first time in the year at beautiful Kastellet in Copenhagen. But catchwise then the season couldn´t have started worse for me than it did today

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Yesterday Dante and I went fishing with Brett, Dan and Mike from New York. The sun was shining, the cod were biting, the girls were impressed and the beer tasted great. Here is a short recap.

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This Monday I got the first report about garfish landed at Kronborg in Helsingør. Today I have seen more reports from Kronborg, so within a few days we should expect the first garfish being caught in Copenhagen. Meanwhile the cod fishing inside and outside of the harbour is just fantastic at the moment.

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