Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Spring is arriving soon, and in the middle of March we once again start doing a bunch of guided streetfishing trips in the harbour. But we already had a couple of cool guests that were not afraid of a little cold weather and asked for a Winter trip.

Victorious Vittorio with his first cod

One of them is Vittorio, who booked Dante to show him some good spots for the Spring, and learn him the basic techniques. It was a cold day, and the cod were not biting when the two guys went out. But Vittorio got the hang of it, and one week later he went at it again.

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January was unusually warm and February has also started mildly. But when does good harbor fishing start?

A prerequisite for good fishing, of course, is that there are some fish to catch. To find out if that is the case a fishfinder is always good to have at hand. So, with my fishing buddy Ewout, last night I cycled to five well-known places in Nordhavn and the inner city and threw out our Deeper sonars to see what they showed.

On our bike ride we visited:

  • Ofelia Plads
  • Amaliehaven
  • The polar bear statue at Langelinie
  • Midtermolen – the quay east of the alm. Brand building
  • Midtermolen – The wooden bridge at Amerikakaj

And what did we see then?

At three of the spots absolutely nothing. But on the wooden bridge by Amerikakaj in Nordhavn there was two good fish that revealed themselves at a depth of 8 meters. Probably some good-sized cod.

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151 participants participated in an epic fishing battle in Nordhavn. Competition was fierce, but in the end then Abraham Memita won the fishing throne and became king of the harbour.

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When Danny and Kassa visited Copenhagen in September, they wanted to try some great fishing in beautiful nature. Our guide Dante arranged a trip for them to Isefjorden that they wont forget anytime soon.

Dante picked them up at their hotel early in the morning, and then they went to his first favorite spot in Isefjorden in the sunset. Neither of them had worn a couple of waders before so they just had to learn to move in them, and then it was all about fishing.

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