Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Beat from 🇨🇭has caught more than 70 species on the fly worldwide. Now he can also cross a cod from Copenhagen of his bucket list.

The classic Danish fly Juletræet, (the Christmas tree), was at the end of the heavy sinking line. Max did the guiding 👊

Well. I am not saying that 10 years of pro bass fishing in the US makes it easier to catch Copenhagen cod… But Eric shows, that it probably does.

What a fish and what a Fisherman! Well done Eric!

Yesterday we guided Tim from Germany on an evening trip. Tim might have 99 problems but a cod surely wasn’t one. He caught more than a handful and heard the joyful sound of a screaming drag plenty of times. Lovely evening! Thank you for fishing with us Tim!

Mark and his son met up with Max on the first real Spring day this Saturday. After a long, long Winter it felt great with 15 degrees celsius and no grey clouds over Copenhagen.

The fishing was difficult though for the first 3,5 hours. Not a single bite or sign of life. But as seen so often before the twilight works like magic. No less than 7 cod in hand in the final half hour. This was the biggest around 67 cm.

As March is coming soon so is Spring and the top period for streetfishing for cod. Below is two shots of the last trips we arranged before the season closed some months ago. It was a pleasure fishing with Yuri and his son as well as Daniel and his friends.

If you want to make a booking for a guided streetfishing trip then read more here and make your booking.

Looking forward to a new great season in Copenhagen!

Tight lines / Anders