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Jesper catches deadly norwegian seastar

Deadly seastar – be afraid

I know what you´re thinking… What is a seastar doing on the most well known blog in Denmark? Well homies, this is no ordinary seastar. This is the deadly poisonous norwegian deepsea seastar. The one that kills about 40 anglers in Norway every year. Luckily there are guys out there like Jesper that travel to Norway only to catch and execute these ferocious maneaters. Had it not been for brave anglers like Jesper then the seastars would soon be taking over our Norwegian brother country.

Jesper has many nicknames. Some call him Stifler, others call him the Defender, others again call him J-God. All I know about him is that he is a pretty standard seatrout angler but a true hero when it comes to killing norwegian seastars. Keep on the struggle for mankind Stifler!

2 thoughts on “Jesper catches deadly seastar

  1. Jon Rock says:

    Fuck he’s a hero !!!

  2. Jesper Boye Andersen (The Defender) says:

    Info: It’s not a happy smile I present here… It’s the smile of death… just if anyone should think it’s a joke to catch the Deadly Seastar.
    Normally you don’t take your eyes of it, when it’s on your hook – but i’m a pro, så no worries.

    Master Regards
    The Defender a.k.a. J-God a.k.a. The Stiffmeister a.k.a. Big-tits a.k.a. The Baker a.k.a. Big-Noses


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