Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Yesterday I caught the first cod of the autumn season in the harbour. From now on it will only get better and better over the coming 5-6 weeks.

I used to think that cod season first kicked in when the water temperatures got below 15 degrees. That was before last year, when I saw the first harbor cod reports coming in by mid september when the water was 15.5 degrees celsius.

Still I have to admit, that I was surprised Yesterday evening when this beautiful cod inhaled my jig in 18 degrees water in Nordhavn. I went out there with some other guides, just for a quick trip, and I didn´t expect that we would have much cod action.

But already in the third cast this 55´ish cod inhaled my black grub, and it fought surprisingly well on my 7 foot rod. On land it was a really beautiful one, and as my freezer is pretty stuffed, I decided to release it for another day. No need to take more fish, than you can eat.

We had a few more hesitant bites, but they didn´t stay on. But overall it was pretty surprising for me to run into such a fish so early in the Autumn. It deems well for the coming season.

Monster rope catch

Apart from the cod, we saw a shoal of mackerel, and I also caught a 10 kilo rope with 1 kilo of mussels on. The rope put up one hell of a fight but in the end, it was no match for me. Afterwards I had to drag it all the way up to the nearest trash can at Oslo Båden. On the way, I incidently cut up my finger on one of the mussels. It is a hard knock life being a harbour fisherman.

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