Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

January was unusually warm and February has also started mildly. But when does good harbor fishing start?

A prerequisite for good fishing, of course, is that there are some fish to catch. To find out if that is the case a fishfinder is always good to have at hand. So, with my fishing buddy Ewout, last night I cycled to five well-known places in Nordhavn and the inner city and threw out our Deeper sonars to see what they showed.

On our bike ride we visited:

  • Ofelia Plads
  • Amaliehaven
  • The polar bear statue at Langelinie
  • Midtermolen – the quay east of the alm. Brand building
  • Midtermolen – The wooden bridge at Amerikakaj

And what did we see then?

At three of the spots absolutely nothing. But on the wooden bridge by Amerikakaj in Nordhavn there was two good fish that revealed themselves at a depth of 8 meters. Probably some good-sized cod.

Where there was most life, however, was Ofelia Plads, where we saw a fish on four meters depth on the west side, as well as a shoal of at least five cod on 4-7 meters depth on the north side. We casted to the shoal a few times but without luck. This of course proves an old truth: Just because the fish are there, we get no guarantee that they will actually bite.

If you compare the sonar’s images with what we have seen before in both spring and autumn, there were fewer fish in the harbor. But on the other hand, the pictures also prove that there is always a chance – even on a cold February evening.

And of course there is always a chance that a good shoal of fish can swim close to shore – even in January and February. I experienced this myself a couple of times at Lynetten last year!

Hope you hit some good winter fish, and that we will meet on the quay when spring comes with some really good fishing!

Tight lines / Anders

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