Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

What a weekend it has been. Me and three of my homies drove to Møn for a dirty date with some monstrous brackish pikes. We rented two boats and sailed out on Stege Nor heavily armed with wobblers and biscuits. The outcome? Fantastic. Just have a look at these pictures.


Brackish pike Møn 1Kasper, Jonas and Carsten from Mønbå We rented two boats from Carsten.

Brackish pike Møn 4Morten is fighting a small pike. No one knew what Jonas was doing.

Brackish pike Møn 6Kasper has just landed the first pike of the day. What a beauty! We carefully released all pikes.


Brackish pike Møn 2To the batmobile.

Brackish pike Møn 7A nice 8 pounder. I caught it using my troutswag and a wobbler.


Brackish pike Møn 5If you ever see anyone steer a boat cooler than this then I don´t wanna know.


Brackish pike Møn 3 Kasper with his second of the day. Look at how both Kasper and the pike is smiling.

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