Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

My main man Kenneth is well known all over Copenhagen for his thai fish cakes. For more than a year I´ve asked him for his recipe and two weeks ago he finally gave in. As Dr. Dre once put it:


Everywhere I go, all I ever seem to hear is
Fish cakes, Bang Bang
No matter where I go, all I ever seem to see is
Fish cakes, Bang Bang


I know what you´re thinking now. GIMME THAT RECIPE MOTH..FU..ER!

Okay dude. Take a chillpill. Here it is:

1) Catch or buy some fish and other stuff dude

Fish cakes

Get some salmon and some white fish – this is coalfish – and blend it with egg, flour, garlic, ginger and spring onion. Put it in the fridge afterwards and let it rest for 30 minutes dude.

2) Boil some potates and make a beetroot salad

Fish cakes 9Check out this salad mayn. It consists of grated beetroot, grapes, and lemon juice. OOOOOOH NELLY!

3) Fry your cakes baby

Fish cakes 7Time to fry dem cakes. Give them 4 minutes in butter on each side and let them rest for some minutes afterwards.

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