Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

After a terrible start to our fishing trip I sailed Rasmus and Mikkel out to Middelgrundsfortet in search of some great cod fishing. We had no fishfinder but none the less we got seven cod on board in two hours.

Yesterdays fishing trip started really bad. We were going out with a chartered boat where I was gonna shoot a bit of film of Rasmus and Mikkel fishing. But when we arrived at the boat it had some motor issues and the trip was cancelled. Luckily together with some friends I have my own small boat nearby and we decided to take our chances on this instead.

The boat is not yet equipped with a fishfinder, so it was hard to tell if we were fishing at the right spots or not. Our simple strategy was to fish some spots close to Middelgrundsfortet until we found fish and the roles were clear: I captained the boat and Rasmus and Mikkel fished. It didn´t last long before it paid of.

After the first fish the two friends really started showing some badass cod skills and on the next spot they caught 3 or 4 fish. On two hours of fishing they ended up catching seven cod in total with three on more than 50 cm that were brought home to the kitchen.

Middelgrundsfortet torsk

Rasmus to the left and Mikkel got some skills


Below are some more videos of the two friends doing their thing. Both of them have only been fishing for eight months and they already have more gear than old experienced fishermen. No doubt they have been spending more time in their local tackle shop Hvidovre sport than out fishing. Cant argue that they got some cod skills and I´ll surely be happy to take them out fishing again.


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