Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

This Monday I got the first report about garfish landed at Kronborg in Helsingør. Today I have seen more reports from Kronborg, so within a few days we should expect the first garfish being caught in Copenhagen. Meanwhile the cod fishing inside and outside of the harbour is just fantastic at the moment.

The garfish is a welcome Spring guest in Denmark, and they will go for both lures, fly and bait without much hesitation. If you use light tackle, they can put up a real fun fight when they dance across the water at high speed.

On the best days with sun and quiet weather, you can catch lots of them regardless if you are an experienced angler or a beginner. But stay clear of bloodlust when they are biting. Only bring fish home for a dinner or two and let the rest go.

Fat cod from boat

This week I also put out my fishing crew Fiskeduserne´s 14 foot boat in the harbour and went on the first evening fishing trip of the year with Copenhagen based angler Nikolaj Bendixen. The waves were a bit big for the boat, so it was a bumpy 90 minutes but we still landed some nice fish up to 2.7 kg. This fat fish had a 18 cm herring in the mouth, so the herring are starting to come as well, it would seem.

I look forward to many more trips with the boat the next four months.

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