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Fishing trips in Copenhagen


I´ve always liked windy conditions when I go hunting for seatrout on the Danish coasts. One of the advantages of being a spinfisher is the possibility to fish some rougher conditions than our flyfishing friends. As for me, I believe that seatrouts are most aggressive and least cautious when the waves grow white and the trouts prey such as herring, sand eel and shrimps swirl around in the water like one big buffet. This belief was reconfirmed this weekend where I visited some of my favorite spots on Møn.

On the first day the wind was 9 M/S from West and North West and in my hunt for some waves I went to fish on the Northern side of Møn to get some stir in the water. When I arrived to the chosen spot the water had a perfect color. It was pretty white and all stirred up but without any floating seaweed to sabotage the fishing. Sometimes when you get out there you instantly get the feeling that the conditions have the potential to grant you some good takes and I sure as hell had that feeling as I walked into the water.

I first made five casts covering an area of 60 meters to all sides before moving 50 meter down the reef. Again I threw the 28 gram red/green Bornholmerpil out covering the water in front of me. To my right there were a lot of big rocks breaking the surface right in front of me. 50 or 60 meters out there were another two big rocks and I threw my lure out just in the middle of them. I had only reeled in for three seconds when the lure was stopped quitted slowly. Then… Kaboom! Some heavy nods in the rod indicated that a good fish had taken the lure. It immediately took some line before slowing a bit down. I started reeling in and it followed along. 25 meters out a large wooden pole was standing out of the water and the trout got dangerously close to it. Luckily it decided to move away from it and I reeled it closer to me. Now I could tell that it was a decent fish and I noted that the hook was settled quite firmly in the jaw.

The trout still had some kick in it and I worried that it might make some jumps. But after a bit more hustle I could land the fish in first attempt. A beautiful 62 cm trout with no color to it, and the clock wasn´t even 9 yet… A perfect start to the day.


I fished on and one hour later I got another take. This time from a smaller trout that got away just as I was about to land it. Damn! Still I could´t complain, even when the spot got overrun by 7 other fishermen some hours later and I decided to stop the fishing for the day. Fishing is about relaxing and I can´t relax when the spot is overrun by other fishermen.

Finding the pack

The next morning I got up before light was up and drove to a new spot on the Northern Coast. It had been a stormy evening and night with 9 M/S from Northwest but now the wind was calming so I hoped that the conditions would be perfect. Unfortunately I was wrong. The water was filled with seaweed making it impossible to fish effectively. I decided to head to the east coast of Møn and try my luck here. A good decision as there was pretty good rotation in the water and only a little bit of floating seaweed.

Again I moved out on the reef and started fishing my way through making five casts before moving 50 meters down the coast. After 30 minute I got the first take when a smaller trout grabbed the lure 50 meter out but it got rid of the hook after a few seconds. Obviously a pack of trouts were close to land and just five casts later a new fish took my Bornholmerpil 40 meters out. This time there was no mercy and I landed the small trout carefully. I fished on and just two casts on I got another take from a trout that had a bit more size to it. After some jumping I could land a perfect 50 cm trout that I brought home for dinner.

I didn´t need much more fish in the freezer, so two hours and another lost fish later, I walked home under a blue heaven and shining sun. I mos def have the best hobby in the world. To quote my main man Jay-Z:

“We doin.. big fishin, we spendin lures
Check em lures now
Big fishin, in W.A.D.E.Rs
We doin.. big fishin up in Zealand g´
It’s just that Swagtrout, Fenwick, and Bornholmerpil”








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