Fishing Copenhagen

Fishing trips in Copenhagen

Marcus had an epic trip in the harbour this week where he banked a spectacular triple consisting of a seatrout, rainbow trout and two cod. Spinstops and a lot of movement were the lethal weapons that paved the way for the catches. Read his full catch report here.

Seatrout Copenhagen

“I decided to head for the harbour hoping that I would catch a trout or two. It started well and already in the second cast a small seatrout followed all the way in. It wouldn´t take the lure so I fished on in a small canal where I found a cod that nailed the lure hard in the spinstop.

I walked along the canal where I could easily see the bottom, hoping to spot a trout. When I reached the end I saw a shadow in the middle of the canal. When I presented it for my lure it came after it in full speed, and again it nailed it when I made the spinstop. I quickly realized that it was a rainbow trout and I got the fish to a small bridge where I could get down to the water and bring it up.

Rainbow trout Copenhagen

After this I met up with a friend, and we walked out to a spot in the harbour where we´ve had some success before. When my friend pulled his jig out of the water, we could both see that a decent trout was swimming after it. I quickly presented it for my lure and as before it took directly in the spinstop. It turned out that it was a really pretty 48 cm seatrout.

After this I got one more cod and my friend got threeas well. In total a fantastic day in the harbour with plenty of action. For me it was perfect conditions with limited wind, slow current and cloudy weather.

A bit about the lures: When I am at the harbour, I prefer lively lures that tingles in the spinstops. Typically I use lures such as Snurrebassen, Wiggleren, Sillingen or Seekeren.”

Pretty amazing catch Marcus. Way to go!

If you want to see more of Marcus´ many catches then you can follow Marcus on Instagram. You can find his profile here.

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